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Our Solutions

Charging Solutions

Commercial Solutions

We build cutting edge, high performing and environment friendly products in the consumer electronics space as well as commercial applications to create SMART and GREEN HOMES and communities.
We are experts in safe and optimal charging solutions and accessories for your smart devices. Check out our soon to be launched intelligent and Green smartphone charger XOPTIMUS products.
We also develop Online devices (Wi-Fi,cellular,mesh) with microcontrollers and operating system (device os) combined with Machine Learning technology to give that edge intelligence to our devices.We build highly intuitive mobile applications and web based analytics for IoT devices for both Android and Mac OS to enhance the usability and customer experience.
Our brilliant team of developers, engineers will deliver an exciting solution for you..
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Our Skills

We are hard core embedded professionals with strong expertise in the space of Designing PCBs, developing End to End Product prototypes and Testing of new products for commercial and industrial use cases. It is because “ We love what we do” that our talented team can design and deliver amazing user experiences for clients.

Our Delivery Model

Flexibility and Speed are crucial to an adapt-or-perish scenario of today's world where digital technology transformation is changing the world around us. As a company we have adopted the Agile Development and Continuous learning model so our engineering teams can deliver better and more relevant systems quickly.


Our Commitment

We are committed to delivering world class solutions to our customers making sure we address all their pain points and create solutions that will guarantee excitement and delight. We welcome constant feedback and suggestions to improve and grow. We look at our customers as partners with whom we would like to build something revolutionary together.

About Us

Hivericks technologies is a company built by a group of hardworking and passionate engineers with a common mission to create solutions that will make processes simpler, data more accessible and problem solving more manageable. With the mentorship and support of our highly experienced founders and partners we believe we can achieve a lot in the “Connected world” of the future.


Let’s build something revolutionary together.

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