Our Solutions


Home automation enables you to control and manage home appliances remotely through the internet. Our products in this space include smart appliance control , smart lighting, smart security, smart water management solutions and many more. Packaged with user - friendly mobile app interfaces and useful analytic insights such as power consumption reports along with an option to set schedules and timers on basic functions our products guarantee complete customer satisfaction.


Our home automation solutions are personalised and scalable to any residential or commercial requirement of homes, offices, apartments and property developments at an affordable price.


SMART Industry 4.0 and Supply Chain solutions
Right from the latest IoT based sensing technologies to detect pressure, temperature,and humidity to energy efficient counters and control systems to inter and intra location tracking devices we seek to deliver solutions that will make your journey through the Industry 4.0 revolution easier.


Bundled with easy integration through cloud we provide real time feed to analytics and predictive algorithms and enhance your supply chains’ visibility.